Christina Shields

Dexter Morin
B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles 1969.  Dexter's expertise supports many of the projects in the laboratory.  He is responsible for the synthesis of needed reagents-including 14C-labeled compounds.  He is involved in the design of much of the specialized equipment used in the laboratory.  He assists graduate students in techniques including 2D gel electrophoresis, HPLC, preparation of metabolites for mass spectral and NMR analysis, subcellular fractionation, and protein purification.  He has had extensive experience with microarrays and RNA isolations.

Janice Pfeiff
Somwhere in the mountainsB.S. in Economics from U.C. Davis with extensive science coursework including graduate work in Pharmacology/Toxicology. Janice works in the ArrayCore Microarray facility. She is responsible for assisting users of the facility with experimental design, sample preparation, slide printing, hybridization and data acquisition from microarray experiments using multiple platforms (arrays generated here at the facility and commercial arrays). She has a background in proteomics and extensive work with DNA and RNA isolations.

When not working in the lab she can usually be found somewhere in the mountains.