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WHO List of Food Virologists:
Food Virologist List

Scientific References Compiled:
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Terms of Reference:

1. Providing an information service and consultation to research workers in food virology,
research program planners and food control authorities:
revising and updating, as appropriate, the WHO Manual on Food Virology;
producing annual reviews of food and water virology, as supplements to the manual;
revising and updating, as appropriate, the List of Food Virologists.
2. Conducting laboratory research in food virology:
developing methods for detection of viruses in food (including water);

investigating the persistence or inactivation of viruses in food (including water).
3. Accepting WHO sponsored trainees in food virology, should resources permit this.

4. Conducting other activities, as requested by and agreed with WHO and its regional office
toward preventing disease transmission via food and water.

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