Research Focus
The primarily focus of our research is the application of Bayesian methods to epidemiological problems.  Bayesian methods are appealing because of their flexibility and analytic results have direct probabilistic interpretability, even in the absence of large sample sizes.

Sample analysis  

Website Synopsis

This web site includes:

     w Software for a variety of diagnostic test and prevalence estimation problems.

     w Reference papers and worked examples through a series of modules.

     w A glossary of epidemiologic terms.

Serological sample processing at the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory

Research Goals

Our research goals are to develop:
     w Innovative techniques that assess test accuracy in disease diagnosis at individual- and population-levels with or without a gold standard, facilitate interpretation of test results, and improve disease risk modeling based on diagnostic test results.

     w Statistical methods to make improved inferences that a herd (or group of herds in a zone, state, or country) is free of important infectious agents based on herd-level test results.

Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations

Feedback Solicited

We actively seek feedback for our website; how we may improve it for users, problems or error messages obtained when using software, suggested changes or corrections, etc.  If you would like to pose a question to us or share advice, please email our site coordinator and we will implement appropriate changes and reply ASAP.

Funding for research described on this site was provided 
in part by the USDA NRI Competitive Grants Program

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