Academic/Research Related
    w Graduate Group in Epidemiology, University of California Davis.
    w Research and software (TG-ROC, CMDT, etc) in diagnostic testing    
           (Matthias Greiner, EpiLab, DVI).

Software Sites
    w ISDS at Duke University, software,
          w BOA (useful for combining S+ and WinBUGS).
    w Latent class analysis software (frequentist)
    w Matlab, Mathworks, Inc.
    w R, The R-Project.
    w S-Plus, Insightful© Corp.
    w WinBUGS, WinBUGS© Project.
          w WinBUGS code/programming examples per Peter Congdon’s website.
    w Ausvet, Animal Health Services
    w EpiVetNet, Epidemiology division of teh Royal Veterinary College

Scientific Journals
    w Statistics in Medicine
    w American Journal of Epidemiology
    w Preventive Veterinary Medicine
    w International Journal of Epidemiology
    w Epidemiology
    w Biometrics

Web-based Hot Topics and Lists
    w Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
    w Pro-Med
    w Epidemio-L/Epivet-L


Updated 02/01/05